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This new principle in the Transmissions was discovered as a result of attempting to help those poisoned by vaccines who could either not afford the biochemical solution or lived in countries, such as USA and Canada where, for doctrinaire reasons, two of the necessary ingredients are banned not only from sale but even from usage!

Vaccines, to prolong shelf-life, contain massive amounts of mercury - several hundred times the accepted safe dosage level for environmental toxins, aluminium and other toxins. Mercury and aluminium (Am: aluminium) have been known as highly toxic metals for many centuries and are known to be instrumental in causing Alzheimer, Parkinson, Autism and many other serious health issues. In addition to this, vaccines also contain chemicals to suppress your natural immunity!
You can read much more on this in the book, "Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P."

From Quantum Physics we know that all matter exists as a result of information flows causing free energy to coalesce into the elementary particles from which all physical things are built.

The question which Karma Singh posed was, “if we remove the informational compulsion from specific materials would this cause them to revert into free energy?” The answer, he discovered, is YES, it does!

Unlike the Healing Transmissions which are 50% to 70% more powerful on DVD, the clearing transmissions lose very much in quality over the internet. Two samples have been uploaded for you to test (at the bottom of this page) but the DVD transmissions are 4 to 5 times more effective.
It is for this reason that most of the transmissions will only be available on DVD.


The transmissions on this first DVD are:

1. Brain
2. Neck and Throat
3. Thymus Gland
4. Lungs
5. Heart
6. Stomach
7. Duodenum
8. Liver and Gall Bladder
9. Kidneys and Bladder
10. Intestines (Ilium and Colon)
11. Woman’s sexual Organs
12. Man’s sexual Organs
13. Spinal Cord
14. Abdominal Brain Introduction
15. Abdominal Brain Transmission

The mouth and skeleton have been consciously excluded as we’re sure that you don’t want your fillings, crowns, artificial hip joints and the like to disappear.

When you get your DVD, you will find that you react much more strongly to some of the transmissions than you do to others. Those with the strong reactions are those organs where a lot of invading materials and energies are present and where you should focus your attention.

For you to test, a transmission for the brain plus one for the liver have been uploaded to YouTube and can be viewed here.

Test Transmission - Brain

Test Transmission - Liver und Gall Bladder


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Sportsmen and -women will discover that they can achieve greater performance because their metabolism becomes more efficient. For such purposes, the transmissions for the heart, intestines, liver and the entire nervous system are especially relevant.
Mind Clearing will also help improve performance.

These performance improvements are completely undetectable because nothing is added but, instead, that which has been hindering performance is removed.



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