The Clearing Transmissions

disintegrating material

How can one delete the information and, thereby, disintegrate the toxic materials whilst, at the same time, leaving the useful ones fully intact?

Information, it has been determined, is a function of consciousness, i.e. consciousness creates and controls information. This is why your body is constantly changing as you change your beliefs about yourself and the world.

As we have also seen in “Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.”  it is consciousness and not medicine which decides whether you recover or remain ill. The so called “placebo effect” is not something which in some unexplained manner invalidates all non-pharmaceutical methods but the proof that the healing occurs as an effect of, literally, “changing your mind” and that the pharmaceutical is of little to no use at all. When consciousness acts to change the information, the form, of necessity, changes also.

Consciousness is, therefore, capable of deleting the information which re-forms the toxins, thereby causing them to disappear. But how?

This is what took some years to work out but finally, in 2017, success was achieved and the clearing transmissions will remove the causational information from any toxin, causing it to cease to exist!

But how can only the destructive information be deleted and the useful remain intact?

It’s a question of resonance: That which is useful to a system is said to be “in resonance” with it. That which disrupts a system is said to be “dissonant” with it. It is this difference which makes the selective disintegration possible.

By establishing a self-replicating toxin-information deleter in The Field and recording a video which triggers the delivery of the “deleter”, even someone who is just present in the room where the video is being played will be detoxified.

Naturally, I don’t try to do everything at once as this would overtax many people’s systems but constant repetition will gradually remove all of the stored toxins.

A few times, whilst giving Mind Clearing sessions, I found that my client had so much lead, mercury, aluminium (Am: aluminum) and other toxins in their brain that it was not possible to dissolve and release the old traumas.

Six weeks to three months using the Clearing Transmissions for the brain, spinal cord, intestines and liver removed so much of these toxins that Mind Clearing could be completed without any problems.

The clients also felt themselves to be lighter and clearer in the head.


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